House On a Mountainside by Keiichi Hayashi

 House On a Mountainside by Keiichi Hayashi

This small house rises above the trees on a forested hillside. To take full advantage of the available views, architect Keiichi Hayashi stacked the rooms vertically, creating a simple tall box of a house. Working with the slope, he opted for a split-level plan that divides the 96 m2 (1,033 ft2) of space over a total of six levels, each dedicated to a single function. Starting at the bottom, they are the entry foyer, children’s bedroom, bathroom, parent’s bedroom, living room, and kitchen/dining room at the top of the house. The six levels are connected by a switchback staircase in the middle of the small floor plan. read more

Birds’ Hill Cottage

 Birds' Hill Cottage

A coastal rainforest surrounds Birds’ Hill Cottage in British Columbia. The vacation rental cottage is located on Salt Spring Island, a 90-minute ferry ride from Vancouver.

With its board siding and peeled log porch posts, the exterior looks to my eye more like a classic cabin than a cottage. The inside, on the other hand, definitely says cottage with its white-painted board finishes accented by natural wood.

This is a contemporary cottage, however, with an open-concept living area and soaring cathedral ceiling. Although the log post adds a rustic touch, it is countered by the modern flair of the concrete floors and counter tops. read more

Julie’s Tiny Home – Built by Molecule Tiny Homes

Jason, of Molecule Tiny Homes, gives Kirsten Dirksen a tour of a recently completed tiny home.

Julie Olson needed a traveling home for her mobile dog training business. With no architecture training, she drew up plans for exactly what she needed and sent them to Jason Dietz of Molecule Tiny Homes Over a couple of months he built her home to her specifications: a fold-out porch, storage stairs, 2 lofts (1 for sleeping, 1 for storage or 2 sleeping quarters), a slim closet, and a bathroom with tub, composting toilet, tiny sink and escape window/door for viewing nature.” – Kirsten read more

Blob – An Unusual Micro-Home Encased in Storage

Created by dmA Architecten, and appropriately named Blob, this unusual tiny space was originally designed to function as a home office. The standalone structure was conceived for a client whose local building regulations prevented the construction of a modern home extension. Hence, Blob was born.The egg-shaped Blob combines two modern facets of design; compactness and mobility.” – Niall

See inside and read more at Humble Homes

Fremont Tiny House in Wyoming by Luke Anderson

Fremont Tiny House in Wyoming by Luke Anderson

This is the Fremont Tiny House in Wyoming that belongs to Jessica and James Wooten.

It was built by Luke Anderson and this model starts at $95,000.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Fremont Tiny House in Wyoming by Luke Anderson

Images © Home on the Range

Images © Home on the Range


  • 230 sq. ft.
  • 2×4 construction
  • Spray foam, EcoBat and reflective insulation
  • Tongue and groove exterior cedar
  • Metal roof
  • Interior beetle killed pine
  • Full-size gas range
  • Porcelain sink
  • Acacia wood counter top
  • Washer/dryer unit
  • Dickinson boat heater
  • read more

    Jardin del Colibri Cottage | Ross Chapin

     Jardin del Colibri Cottage | Ross Chapin

    photo courtesy of The Cottage Company

    Conover Commons is a community of small cottage homes in Redmond, Washington. It was built by The Cottage Company, a property developer that has made a specialty of creating “pocket neighborhoods” of six to sixteen small houses. Typically the houses are arranged around a shared green space while driveways and parking areas are kept to the edges of the property.

    The twelve cottages at Conover Commons are variations of several designs by architect Ross Chapin. All the homes feature generous front porches facing the shared courtyard garden and walkways, fostering social interaction and community spirit. read more

    Tiny House with Moving Walls – part 2

    Tiny House with Moving Walls – part 2

    In the first round of playing with the idea of moving walls I based the design on a 16′ by 16′ footprint. Since I like challenges I decided to go smaller this time but keep the same requirements of being livable for a happy couple with the occasional visit of another couple for dinner. This tiny house design concept is 144 square feet, a room 12′ by 12′. Like the first round, the roof and walls construction could be anything.

    (side note: I changed the scale from the last drawing to make it easier for me to draw, so if you compare the drawing in part 1 you’ll notice the difference. Both are to scale, just different scales.) read more

    Couple’s DIY Tiny House in Texas

    Couple's DIY Tiny House in Texas

    This is the story of Cody and Randi Hennigan and their DIY tiny house in Texas!

    Cody, Randi and their dog, Baxter, are now adventuring across the country with their tiny home for next six months. Learn more: TheBestLittleHouseInTexas.com1

    Lovely Couple’s DIY Tiny Home on Wheels!


    Video: Couple’s DIY Tiny Home on Wheels

    Resources read more