Ben Law’s Roundwood Home

In the documentary below, Ben Law, a woodsman at Prickly Nut Woods in West Sussex, plans and builds his roundwood timber home. It’s built from lumber he’s grown and cared for himself and the entire home was carefully handcrafted from the natural building materials lands around him.

The home is not tiny but the building method and natural materials caught my eye. When we look around at most tiny house projects we see folks using mostly store-bought materials. This seems to make practical sense in today’s world which is probably why this project seems so radically different from the current norm. The project is recorded in a book by Ben called The Woodland House.

Ben seems like a very busy guy, in addition to writing and his work in the woods he also trains apprentices and offers courses on sustainable woodland management, eco-building, and permaculture design. Learn more about Ben Law and Roundwood Timber Framing.

Ben Law's Roundwood Home

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